API Documentation

Our API can be accessed from the /api URL endpoint. It provides the following functionality:

  • Return a list of streetnames associated with a postcode provided by the client
  • Return a list of streetnames matching a search string provided by the client

Postcode endpoint

Endpoint: /api/postcode/<postcode>

It will return all the streetnames associated with the postcode provided through the URL. For exmaple, /api/postcode/1010
Results are provided in the following JSON format:

                            "streetname":"Agiou Marona",

Fields, count, next and previous are used for pagination.

Streetname Search

Endpoint: /api/streetname/search/<search string>
Optional URL parameters: municipality and district.
For example, /api/streetname/search/arte&municipality=strovolos will return all streetnames which include the sequence of letters arte and belong to municipality strovolos. The return JSON format is the same as with the Postcode endpoint.